United Nations High Commission for Refugees

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees deals with the protection and safety of refugees. IDPs, and other such vulnerable communities. It provides assistance to those who flee their countries due to war and conflicts and gives them support in the form of shelter, healthcare, food etc. Being a major issue of the modern world, it is necessary to properly address it and propose plans that can help to end the suffrage of refugees.

Topic A

Dealing with Health Emergencies in Refugee Camps

Topic B

Fighting Antibiotic Resistance

Mr. Philippe Lefevre

Philippe Lefevre is a Third Year History and Politics student at the University of York soon to be studying International Politics in Leuven. He has been doing MUN for three years now, and if you ask him, has contracted an addiction, because at least recognizing the problem is the first step towards fixing it. To date he has stumbled his way into over thirty conferences and looks forward to participating in AYIMUN greatly! As well as MUN, Philippe also Chairs the Institute for a Greater Europe, and is fascinated by the role Europe has to play in the world, as well as European integration in general.